The narrative competence as a part of the communicative competence – the linguistic point of view

Monika Lis, Poland, ID CLEaR2016-365;        Once upon a time there was a… or Have you heard what happened? That is how the story telling begins when the protagonist faces some difficulties. Hence, what is the relation between fairy tales and short stories from everyday life? Narrative thinking. Creating  narrative structures constitutes the principal base of the interpersonal communication. It is also the way of remembering the cause and effect sequence of events which we participate in or observe. What is the narrative competence then? The speaker will present the components of a genre pattern as well as structural narrative models of story telling based on her own research on students learning foreign language on A2 level. The author will also present the ways of initiating the narration and will describe linguistic tools to facilitate it.

Key words: narrative competence, story telling, narration, communicative competence, narrative structures, narrative models, communication



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