The Position of Digital Humanities in Contemporary Education

prof. PhDr. Anton Pokrivčák, PhD. (TU Trnava)          Abstract: The teaching of foreign languages has been witnessing an ever-growing increase in the role of technology, especially Internet-based applications used in distant, but not only, learning. In literary studies, the traditional text concept has been replaced by the so-called digital textuality, based not on the univocity of interpretation but rather on the fragmentariness of the resulting aesthetic effect. One of the consequences of such tendencies is the changes in the meaning of traditional compositional categories of several literary genres. The paper attempts first to present a general picture and logic of development from modernism through postmodernism to the so-called posthumanism, and, in the second part, to illustrate the changes through the discussion of the artificial intelligence character portrayed in the work of Richard Powers Galatea 2.2.



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