The Relationship between EFL Teachers' Professional Identity and their Multiple Intelligences Types

Iran, ID LLCE2016-310;       This study investigated the relationship between EFL teachers' professional identity and their multiple intelligences types. 137 Iranian EFL teachers teaching in English language institutes of Semnan province selected randomly participated in the study. The necessary data was gathered applying two questionnaires. The data analysis revealed that there is a relationship between the types of multiple intelligences and language teachers' professional identity. Among all positive and significant correlations, the highest one belonged to kinesthetic intelligence representing a large effect size. The results also showed that teachers' multiple intelligences types can predict their professional identity. After, excluding the linguistics intelligence which did not contribute to the regression model significantly, the remaining seven multiple intelligences predicted 63.7 percent of professional identity. The study concluded with some implications for EFL teachers, EFL trainers and policy makers.

Keywords: identity, teacher identity, multiple intelligence types




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