The relationship between IPA and correct pronunciation

Iran, CLEaR2015-245; The present study investigated the possible relationship between IPA, stress and pronunciation skill of Iranian EFL learners. Seventy Iranian intermediate EFL students were selected as the main sample based on their performance on Oxford placement test. All participants were given a test of IPA and word stress. There was also a pronunciation test which was performed orally to evaluate their total pronunciation proficiency. Two EFL teachers participated in the scoring procedure.  Pearson correlation test was run to the results of different sections of the pronunciation test using SPSS 22 to answer the research questions and to investigate the possible relationship between IPA, stress, and pronunciation skill of Iranian EFL learners. The relationships between Iranian intermediate EFL learners’ total pronunciation skill and two components of pronunciation skill of including IPA competence and knowledge of word stress, were examined through running Pearson correlation test. The results indicated that there was a significant correlation between IPA competence and total pronunciation test scores of Iranian EFL students. It was found that there was also significant relationship between students’ English pronunciation test scores and their performance in word stress.

Key words: Pronunciation, IPA, Suprasegmental Features, Stress, Sound articulation



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