The role of social media in the social support for expatriates

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ID LLCE2016-226;          There is no doubt that social media modern "Face book and Twitter" played a major role in changing a lot of the reality of the social networking of the individual on the planet and represents a technological advances massive leap towards rapprochement between the peoples on the diversity of cultures and different beliefs, perhaps lulled into important role played by those means, including * the acquisition of communication skills. * Relative convergence of different cultures with individuals. * Allow direct communication without barriers. * Open new horizons and information regardless of sincerity or not, it is important proposals for the need to be on the social networking management focus some of the ethical and value criteria that help in the continued success of these means, including calls us confidence in achieving positive roles Example: To provide some guidance to users of networks social networking and her not sober part of the promotion of the common - audit and investigate the truth in the news before it is shared and sent to friends - the onus on the individual, including the by promoting the content is contrary to the beliefs and incitement to violence, aggression and emphasis on the dissemination of such instructions and reach down and read all the users of the means social networking read them, and through monitoring of the behavior of the task of sample in the global communities they "expat arrivals" and intended them individuals who have moved from their residence of their state to another state to work, study or other, we find that they are linked psychologically and emotionally to their country origin "mother" and miss them all previous human experience and social relationships with top friends, with the availability of social media (Face book and Twitter) has become the global communication between peoples voice and image like them cannot be separated from them, but you know all the details of each colleagues and friends despite the spatial dimension, and therefore opted to introduce an attempt to discover this effect developments on the social support  of various dimensions on a sample of  expatriates.

Key  words :  social media  -   social support  -  expatriates



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