The Use of English Language Outside the Classroom

Armenia, ID CLEaR2015-302

The purpose of the current study was to investigate  the use of English Language outside the Classroom among EFL learners.  Armenian teenagers are very enthusiastic for learning English. The study was carried out at the American University of Armenia that organizes Experimental English Classes (EEC) with 10 week course duration. The participants were chosen according to their level of proficiency with both genders.  For data collection, we used two instruments – survey and interview. The survey results collected from   38 EEC students, we  compiled the data in the SPSS analyzer to find out the frequencies and the correlation. According to the research  the EEC learners taking part in our 20-question survey use English for a significant part of their free time. As well as different analyses showed that 92% of the learners attend EEC from their own will. The research also showed that most of the EEC students use English language outside of the classroom for  listening to songs, watching movies and clips (more than half) , travelling (47%)  searching in the internet (71%).

Key wordsEFL learners, use of English, purpose of English usage, teaching, learning and E-learning 



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