The ways of multiculural education at universities in Slovak republic

Veronika Michvocíková, University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius, Slovakia, ID LLCE2017-184;     Abstract: In today’s society occurs constantly growing contact of diverse cultures’ members in the Slovakia territory. Each individual should therefore possess the basic knowledge necessary for life in the multicultural society. As a significant way of acquiring knowledge for individuals we consider participation in the educational process at all levels of the educational system in Slovak republic. Focus of the presented post heads to the educational process at universities in Slovakia connected with the need to implement multicultural education. For this reason, it is necessary to focus on the possibilities and ways in which it is possible to implement and develop multicultural education in the educational process at universities in Slovakia. For closer look at discussed issue it is possible to point out the attitudes and opinions of approached university students in survey carried out in April 2016. 200 university students attended empirical survey. Data collection based on the use of pre-prepared questionnaire. Obtained data were processed and then analyzed using statistical software SPSS 20.

Key words: multicultural education, multicultural society, universities, university students



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