The Word Class Adjective in English Business Magazines Online (virtual paper)

Prof. Borislav Marusic & Sanda Katavic-Causic, Veleučilište Lavoslav Ružička u Vukovaru, Croatia, ID LLCE2018-362;       Abstract: The aim of this paper is to research the word class adjective in one sequence of the ESP: Business English, more precisely English business magazines online. It is an empirical study on the corpus taken from a variety of business magazines online. The empirical analysis allows a comprehensive insight into the word class adjective in this variety of Business English and makes its contribution to English syntax, semantics and word formation. The syntactic part analyses the adjective position in the sentence. The semantic part of the study identifies the most common adjectives that appear in English business magazines online. Most of the analysis is devoted to the word formation of the adjectives found in the corpus. The corpus is analysed in such a way that it enables its division into compounds, derivatives and conversions. The results obtained in this way will give a comprehensive picture of the word class adjective in this variety of Business English and can act as a starting point for further research of the word class adjective.
Keywords: word class adjective, ESP, business magazines online, syntax, semantics, word formation



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