Understanding the Concept of Effective English as a foreign language Teaching

Rastislav Metruk, University of Žilina, Slovakia;      Abstract: The matter of effective EFL teaching has been examined by numerous researchers in the past decades as it is one of the key factors which directly influences the process of teaching and learning English. This paper discusses and analyses the recent studies which aimed at examining effective language instruction. Although the results of some studies support the notion that the traditional language teaching ought to be prioritized as regards effective language instruction, the article concludes that it is the learner-centred approach that seems to yield more promising results, which is supported by most of the studies. In the foreground are features such as employing pair-work and group-work activities, taking learners’ needs and feelings into consideration, generating their interest in learning a target language, creating environments in which learning L2 takes place, or allowing them to take responsibility for their own learning. It is vital that researchers and instructors pursue further research in this area as acquiring more data by undertaking research in terms of effective teaching may cast more light on this complex matter and help improve the process of teaching and learning languages.

Keywords: EFL teaching and learning, effective EFL teaching, teacher and learner



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