Using AI-powered tools in training non-native teachers of English

Silvia Pokrivčáková, University of Trnava, Slovakia;     Abstract: Artificial intelligence (AI) has been entering nearly all aspects of human lives. The paper introduces several AI-powered tools that are interesting for both linguists and language teachers. AI in connection with natural language processing (NLP) leads to more detailed descriptions of natural languages, creating more detailed language corpora, as well as to better understanding of the processes occurring in the human brain when communicating. The new knowledge is used in computational linguistics when designing new computer languages, machine translating and improving human-machine communication based on speech recognition, speech synthesis, etc. The paper focuses on the potential and possible effects of applying AI-powered tools into foreign language education and non-native teachers training.

The paper introduces partial results of the project KEGA 001TTU-4/2019 “University training of non-native teachers of foreign languages in national and international contexts“.

Keywords: language learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, adaptive learning, machine learning.








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