Using Steve Jobs’ Biography to Teach a Reading Workshop Class to English Language Learners Students

Benita Bell, U. S. A., ID LLCE2016-373;       Finding interesting and relevant reading materials is a challenge of all English teachers when working with English Language Learners (ELL). When teaching Reading Workshop classes to secondary students, the teacher faces the task of creating a class that will both engage and challenge their students.  In our world today, students use technology on a daily, if not hourly basis.  Apple Computer founded by the late Steve Jobs is a household name for many of us today.  The life of Apple’s founder makes for both interesting and timely reading for many students.  Motivation to read is critically important for all students struggling to improve their reading skills.  For English Language Learners who are not reading at their expected grade level, teachers must find creative ways to ensure the motivation to read is maintained. This paper offers English teachers of ELL students an introduction to a novel study that appeals to secondary students.  Students will improve their fluency, vocabulary, and higher order reading strategies skills through reading about the world of Steve Jobs.  This workshop highlights the key multi-sensory components of instruction, which include creating PowerPoint presentations, writing research papers, and collaborative work on posters as visual representations

Keywords:  Technology,  Steve Jobs English Language Learners, Reading Workshop



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