Using tablets in class and outside the class

Roman Čančinov, Slovakia, LLCE2016-380;         Teaching and learning principles are changing and a twenty-first century classroom is changing, too. Technologies have influenced our everyday lives and the lives of our students. Digital tools started to be implemented in the educational systems and teachers try to do their best to use the modern technologies as much as possible, as they are aware of the fact they cannot avoid using technologies with their students. Interactive whiteboards have become a part of digital classrooms and these days tablets are moving into schools as well. Using tablets is a useful tool which supports development of learner autonomy and it only depends on teachers if they make the best use of it and implement tablets in school curriculum. This study presents the results of a survey conducted in Slovakia. The aim of the survey was to find out whether teachers use tablets in class or also outside the class, whether they feel comfortable when teaching with tablets and what tasks their students have to do at home to help improve students´ language learning and thus they support learner autonomy.

Key words: technologies, digital, tablets, classroom, teacher training, learner autonomy



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