Via international cooperation towards CLIL teacher competence enhancement

Slovakia, ID Výzvy2016-420;    

Setting an effective CLIL learning-teaching environment is a major responsibility of CLIL teachers. More than two decades CLIL has been applied into education process at various  schools around Europe. Supported by EU policy with aiming at enhancing foreign language competences of students, CLIL implementation process has thrived in diverse national, local, school and classroom environments. Scholars, practitioners and teachers are still in a vivid debate to define essential CLIL principles, to standardize CLIL application procedure and to turn all that into practice. Several years of CLILing Europe allowed diverse stakeholders in CLIL implementation process to start dealing with and analysing  the results, practical outcomes, experience from the process on all level of education. There are many international project teams that worked or still working on CLIL issues. The paper aims at mapping project activities funded by EU that concers with CLIL approach. Some experience concerning  CLIL teacher trainings, cooperation outside Europe is discussed. Particular outcomes of one ERASMUS+ project are presented. Finally some ideas for enhancing CLIL teacher competences are proposed.



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