Research of Word to Syllable Analysis in Preschool Age Children

Monika Máčajová, Constantine the Philosopher University, Slovakia, ID LLCE2018-410;      Abstract: Initial phases of reading and writing instruction are oriented on technical accuracy and fluency. However, reading and writing instruction begins in the 1st class of primary school, the role of kindergarten is to prepare the child for all activities which are precondition of reading and writing acquisition. In the context of the topic, the focus is put on analytical activities at the word and syllable level, which are basis for reading and writing instruction through sound analytical-synthetical method. Submitted theoretical-empirical study presents research results from children in preschool age in Slovakia. Research was realized at 866 respondents at the age of four to seven years. It was focused on child´s skill to analyse stimuli words and syllables. These results are part of the larger research oriented on development of a complex tool for evaluating level of phonemic awareness. The paper is the outcome of the VEGA project no. 1/0637/16 entitled The Development of the Diagnostic Instrument for the Assessment of the Level of Phonematic Awareness of Pre-School Age Children.

Key words: auditory analysis, auditory synthesis, sound analytical-synthetical method, phonemic awareness



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