What Makes EFL Learners Leave Language Schools: A Case of Pre- Mature Attrition

Iran, ID CLEaR2015-261;

Numerical Attrition, the gradual reduction of the number of the applicants in an EFL course, is a fundamental challenge for language schools. In this study, I have strived to point out a number of reasons for why students leave language schools before the appropriate language- wise maturation. Through more than 300 minutes of interview with more than 300 cases of PMA, Pre- Mature Attrition, I have gathered data confirming that the most significant variables leading to the phenomena are affective ones. I have concluded that a language class’s success is fairly estimated by whether or not it provides students with enough motivation, positive sense of achievement, positive attitude towards the target language, positive life affirming rapport with the teacher and the peers and finally a fair share of laughter and entertainment. The five mentioned factors were the most frequently noted ones as the reasons for students leaving language schools by both the teachers and the students.



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