Woman’s Physiognomy in the Works of Two Iranian Poets: Forough Farrokhzad and Ahmad Shamlu

Iran, ID LLCE2015-120

  The critical analysis of the discussion is an attitude that links to various sciences such as linguistics and sociology. This role model has a framework in critical analysis of discussion that describes the context in three lines and investigates the stash power of ideology. In this paper, the physiology of woman has been investigated in Forough Farokhzad and Ahmad Shamlu’s poems, by leaning to critical analysis of discussion. To achieve it, the related literature about women has been introduced to comprehend the discussion of the contemporary era. This ongoing research aims to consider the interplay of the relationship between the powers of discussion in the poems of these two poems. Their success in creation of a new discussion in woman’s physiognomy has also been considered. After the Constitutional Movement in Iran, Shamlu and Farrokhzad presented a new discussion of the woman’s physiognomy that differed from their previous masterpieces, they also impressed their society.

Keywords: Ahmad Shamlu, Contemporary literature of Iran, Critical analysis of discussion, Forough Farrokhzad, Power, Woman’s physiognomy. 



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