Štítok: Culture

Even For Just A Glance: A Glimpse of Lesbian Jargons in the Philippines

The Interplay between Language, Literature and Culture: Challenges for the Nigerian Child Education in the 21st Century

Enhancing student schematic knowledge of culture through literature circles in a foreign language classroom

Between Tradition and Present. Implementation of Folk Art and Culture into the Foreign Language Education of High School Students

Présence de la dimension culturelle dans l’enseignement des langues étrangères dans les manuels scolaires

Différences franco-tchèques en culture organisationnelle des entreprises

Secondary School Teachers and Students’ Perception of the Need for Multicultural Education Concepts in Social Studies in Nigeria

Enhancing Nigerian Students’ Intercultural Competence and Achievement in Social Studies Through Outdoor Activities

Singing Identities: Expressing British Identities in Sporting Song from the late Victorian Era to the Eve of the First World war



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