Journal of Language and Cultural Education

issue 2014/3

(September 2014)

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Teaching literature in contemporary education: The National Curriculum for Literature in Cyprus

Afroditi Athanasopoulou



Enriching literature-in-English instruction in the context of informal school literary clubs in Nigeria

David O. Fakeye & Ruth  Adebile



Teaching global English to overseas students

Krzysztof Polok



Code-switching as a foundation for including multilingualism in English as a foreign language education

Niels de Jong



Creativity features of SMS texts in French by Anglophone teachers and learners of the French language

Ndobo Eugenie Grace Essoh, Veronica E. Odey & Floribert Patrick Calvain Endong



Parameters for Assessing the Effectiveness of Language Learning Strategies

Itamar Shatz



A Comparative Study of Phonological System of Kurdish Varieties

Hiwa Asadpour & Maryam Mohammadi



Some remarks on recent trends in lexicography

Anna Włodarczyk-Stachurska


(Multi)cultural inspirations in humanistic development of contemporary students

Aneta Rogalska-Marasińska



Cultural Customs and Hot Pot: A Case Study of One Sri Lankan Student’s Manner at the Party     

Xiaochi  Zhang



Literary Studies in the Age of Mechanical Thinking

Anton Pokrivčák



Patterns of Wisdom in the Old English Poem Andreas

Mária Kiššová



Human feelings mirrored in metaphors: The Collector by John Fowles

Katarina P. Držajić



Constructing “Twin-Tower Identities”: Reflections on September 11 in Arab American Poetry

Zuzana Tabačková



Food as the Representation of Social Conventions in Victorian Female Novel

Agata Buda



Mythologizing the discourse: Vincent van Gogh in the press of the People’s Republic of Poland

Anna Sikora-Sabat





Art in Foreign Language Education

Ivana Žemberová







Explorations in American Life and Culture

Eva Homolová





Foreign Languages and Cultures 2014, Nitra 2014

Ivana Žemberová



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