Journal of Language and Cultural Education

Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2014)   

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Research Papers

Perceptions on Standard and Non-standard Varieties as They Relate to Ethnic Identity in a Bidialectal Setting

Andreas Papapavlou, Melanie Satraki, p. 4-25

Heritage Language Learning Motivation, Self-Perceived Identity and Maintenance among Chinese-American College Students

Pei-Shan Yu, p. 26-47

African American Students’ Perceptions of Their Preparation for College Composition and Their Actual Performance in a College Composition Course

Felicia L. Taylor, p. 48-59

Implementing Language Learning Strategies into a Series of Second Foreign Language Learning Textbooks

Božena Horváthová , p. 60-94

Content Analysis as a Research Method in Investigating the Cultural Components in Foreign Language Textbooks

Zuzana Sándorová, p. 95-128

Conceptual Metonymy in the Speech Act of Request

Marijana M. Prodanovic, p. 129-140

Views on Translation by Selected Polish Writers of the Enlightenment

Agnieszka Kałużna, p. 141-155



Arabeasy: A Readable and Typable Arabic Transliteration System, and Its Application in Learning Arabic Online

Liam Hahne, 156-167

Our Mobiles Shall Play the Materials for Us: Strategies for Improving Speaking and Listening Competencies Using Mobiles

Danial Bellarmen, p. 168-171



New Perspectives on Using Digital Technology in Inclusive Language Education

Werona Król-Gierat, P. 172-174

An Innovative, Communicative Approach to Teaching Modern Standard Arabic

Zuzana Tabačková, p. 175-177

New Contribution to the Survey of Discourse Analysis

Mária Hardošová, p. 177-180

East, West – What is Best?

Anton Pokrivčák, p. 180-182