CLEaR2016 Virtual session


Virtual papers

The virtual session of the conference will be active from September 15th, 2016 to December 31st, 2016 and available at:


Popularization and / or trivialization of philosophy in Voltaire's narrative Candide or Optimism

Ivana Majksner & Tina Varga Oswald, Croatia, ID CLEaR2016-363


The Study of Concepts of Creative Evolution and Will in Bernard Shaw’s Man and Superman: A Schopenhauerian and Lamarckian Study

Soheila Faghfori & Esmaeil Zohdi, Iran, ID CLEaR2016-351


The Question of Morality in Mary Shelley´s Frankenstein

Agata Buda, Poland, ID CLEaR2016-371



The Effectiveness of R-Meta Strategy to Enhance Writing Skills Among Undergraduate Students

Saadiah Kummin, Shahlan Surat, Saemah Rahman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Roselind Razali, Malaysia, ID CLEaR2016-319




Writing Effective Cover Letters: To Enhance Undergraduate Marketability and Employability

Saadiah Kummin, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, & Roselind Razali, Malaysia, ID CLEaR2016-320



The Semi - structured Interview in Foreign Language Education Research

Veronika Szombatová, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-374



Health Discourse in Media: the Language of Breast Cancer Prevention

Anna Stebletsova & Valeria Enkova, Russia, ID CLEaR2016-330




British and American Varieties in Legalese

Jana Spalova, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-341



Subordinate causal clauses in Albanian language

Fabiana Velencia, Albania, ID CLEaR2016-379



Causative connectors, the difference between pragmatic and semantic connectors and their grammatical function

Fabiana Velencia, Albania, ID CLEaR2016-380



Causative Sentence Characteristic’s Based on its Semantic Structure

Fabiana Velencia, Albania, ID CLEaR2016-381



Pragmatic Specifications in Dictionary Definitions of Selected English Idioms

Anna Stachurska, Poland, ID CLEaR2016-372


The Role of Methodology of Research in Language Pedagogy in Teacher Training

Silvia Pokrivčáková, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-404



La didactique du plurilinguisme. Vérification empirique dans le terrain slovaque

Jana Bírová, Slovakia, ID CLEaR2016-405