Visa information


The CLEaR2016 conference is organised in Germany, the country which is the EU member state as well as the Schengen Agreement partner.

All the necessary visa information, tips and guidelines can be found here:


Invitation Letters

When you register for the conference from outside the Shengen area and you need to aply for visa, CLEaR2017 will provide a letter of invitation upon request. You need first register for the CLEaR2017 Conference to be eligible to request a letter of invitation. To register for the conference, please visit our Registration section.

The invitation letter will be addressed to you as a member of the university/college/academic institution staff and sent to the institution you are affiliated to (according to the data in your registration form). We never send invitation letters to private persons and to private addresses.


If you have questions about the letter of invitation procedure, please contact

Due to the fact that an application for a visa can be a lengthy process, it is recommended that you start your visa application process early: 90 to 120 days prior to the conference.