Authentic materials in developing intercultural communicative competences

Eva Reid, Constantine the Philosopher University, Slovakia


Authentic materials are believed to be the best types of materials for developing intercultural communicative competences of foreign language learners. Authentic materials bridge the gap between the classroom and the outside world and they bring reality to the classroom. Authentic materials are those which were not created or edited for language learners, consequently most everyday objects in the target language qualify as authentic materials. Exposure to the authentic materials allows language learners to make contact with the real-life language, customs and way of life of the target culture. Using authentic materials in teaching culture is a great motivational factor and it helps learners to recognize that there is a community of users who live their lives in this other language. Authentic materials include audio, visual and printed materials. This paper discusses and gives examples of activities how to use authentic materials in developing socio-cultural knowledge, sociolinguistic competences, pragmatic competences and non-verbal communication. 

Keywords: Intercultural communicative competences, authentic materials, English language