LLCE2016 Virtual session


Virtual session


Using Steve Jobs’ Biography to Teach a Reading Workshop Class to English Language Learners Students

Benita Bell, the U.S.A., ID LLCE2016-373

Storytelling for Students of Teacher Training Programmes

Michaela Sepešiová, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-371

The Effectiveness of R-Meta Strategy to Enhance Writing Skills Among Undergraduate Students

Saadiah Kummin, Shahlan Surat, Saemah Rahman, Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Roselind Razali, Malaysia, ID LLCE2016-339

Using Discussion and Self-Efficacy as Preparation for Group Project Presentation

Saadiah Kummin, Roselind R.J. , Shazleena Othman, Saadiah Kummin, Maryam Mohamed Amin,
Khaidzir Hj Ismail, Halizah Omar, Chairozila Mohd Shamsuddin, Malaysia, ID LLCE2016-338

Neuroscientific Approach to Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Jana Trníková, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-386

Improving communication skills of professionals working with clients in institutionalized care – a literature review

Jana Turzáková & Tomáš Turzák, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-329

E-Evaluation in virtual environments: automated versus personalized methodologies

Stephen Beaumont, Argentina, ID LLCE2016-280

E-Teaching Strategies: massive versus customized methodologies

Stephen Beaumont, Argentina, ID LLCE2016-279

Qualitative survey in Language Pedagogy

Silvia Pokrivčáková, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-383

Bilingualism vs. CLIL

Veronika Szombatová, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-372

Culture in Foreign Language Learning in Slovakia

Ivana Cimermanová, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-367

The Intercultural Component in an EFL Coursebook Package

Zuzana Sándorová, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-382

Wordsworth and Byron – Two Faces of English Romantic Expression

Anton Pokrivčák, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-389

 Exploration of the genre of magic realism in the works of Paulo Cohelo with reference to The Alchemist and the Devil and Miss Prym 

Marium Bushra, Saudi Arabia, ID LLCE2016-345

The Aspects of a Young Adult Novel in Homer's The Iliad (New Interpretive Viewpoint)

Tina Varga Oswald, Croatia, ID LLCE2016-337

Die Wortklasse Adjektiv in der deutschen Wirtschaftspresse online

Borislav Marusic, Croatia, ID LLCE2016-332

Substantivische Komposita als wichtiges Wortbildungsmerkmal der deutschen Gesetztestexte des Sachgebiets Strafrecht

Borislav Marusic, Croatia, ID LLCE2016-333

Multilingual language awareness and teacher education : meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse, multicultural, technology-driven society

Stella Cambrone-Lasnes, France, IC LLCE2016-368

Social Networking Sites in the English as a Foreign Language Education Process: Potential Benefits and Drawbacks for Higher Education Settings

Juraj Datko, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-212

Experiences with transnational exchange of good CLIL practice among European Educational Institutions

Jana Luprichová, Slovakia, ID LLCE2016-391