An observatory for foreign language usage in the workplace

Nicole Lancereau-Forster

LAIRDIL Laboratory, Université de Toulouse 3, France


This presentation deals with the origin of the concept of an observatory and the process of establishing one. Initially, as part of a doctoral thesis on foreign language learning and teaching at university, on the one hand, and foreign language usage in industry, on the other, a needs analysis was conducted by triangulating sources and methods based on tasks and situations. This analysis revealed an educational shortcoming in this regard and highlighted the fact that foreign language anxiety is regarded as a major issue in the workplace. In order to address this shortcoming, the university teaching environment has to be brought more in line with the workplace in the field of foreign languages. An Observatory for Foreign Language Usage in the Workplace is considered to be an innovative means for achieving this objective.

Key words

language in the workplace, foreign language teaching/learning, foreign language anxiety




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