History of teaching English as an academic subject in Slovakia

Pavol Kvasniak

Catholic University in Ružomberok, Slovakia



The article presents results of the bachelor thesis which offers a general overview of foreign language education history in Slovak Republic, more thoroughly, teaching English as a foreign language. Initially, the article introduces a reader into brief description of the history of teaching foreign language in Slovakia and situation before and after 1989.  Afterwards, it presents eleven parts which fully cover the results of research being made in the selected educational institution and maps its entire history of teaching English as a foreign language since 1994 till 2013. Those eleven parts provide answers to several research questions and deal with the key reasons of beginning teaching English at the selected school and various documents, decrees and laws which have to be kept. . Furthermore the article presents all the teachers of English who worked/have worked at school, which qualification they had/have, which school books, handbooks, dictionaries, magazines or other educational equipment were/are used in teaching and learning process as well as the number of pupils who were taught English, etc. The conclusion sums up and presents the results of the research.

Key words: school, foreign language, English, teacher, pupils, school book, teaching, learning, classroom, education




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