Challenges in teaching legal English and efficient methods of evaluating Romanian students at the Faculty of Law and Public Administration

Roxana-Petruta Goga-Vigaru

"Spiru Haret" University, Romania


The aim of this paper is to present the challenges in teaching legal English to non-native students from the Faculty of Law and Public Administration in a Romanian private university and to offer several suggestions for improving the methods of assessment. English for Specific Purposes has increasingly developed in the last decades and there is no argue that English has become lingua franca. Being the language of international legal practice, English is an important part of a legal training programme and, in order to face the challenges of the labour market in the future, students must be able to overcome the problems due to the differences between legal systems and languages. Teaching English for Specific Purposes is a never-ending process considering that, in order to achieve proficiency, constant training is needed.

Key-words: legal English, vocabulary acquisition, terminology, assessment, learners’ needs




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