Testovanie z cudzích jazykov – testovanie úrovne C1 Spoločného európskeho referenčného rámca a typy úloh v elektronickom testovaní z cudzích jazykov

Miroslava Jurenková

NÚCEM, Slovensko



National Institute for Certified Educational Measurements (NÚCEM), within the national project “Increasing the quality of education in primary and secondary schools with the use of electronic testing”, has been developing e-testing software and e-tests to be used in Slovak classrooms since 2013. Moreover, NÚCEM is preparing for implementation of C1 level testing in 2017. The first experience has just been documented and results so far suggest that e-testing could support the assessment process, the analysis of results as well as, with an appropriate feedback to schools, the overall quality of education.

Therefore, based on our initial and valuable experience with e-testing, and preparation of C1 level tests, the object of our paper is to outline the main outcomes and challenges of e-testing a C1 level testing with a focus on foreign language skills assessment. The paper provides basic information about the characteristics of C1 level tests, e-test item types used in testing foreign languages and provide some item samples.

Key words: testing, elektronic testing, foreignlanguages, tests, types of tasks