Art academy – angličtina srdcom (English through your heart)

Tatiana Husárová

Stredná zdravotnícka škola Poprad, Slovensko


Art academy is an extraordinary  language school, an interest club and a theatre group that unites friends of English and Spanish language. ART ACADEMY focuses on supporting of language learning via dramatisation of natural dialogues in foreign language. The main strength of ART ACADEMY is using theatre as a unique teaching method. Role plays and drama help our pupils become English or Spanish, right on the stage. They master everyday communication topics and situations easily, in a cheerful atmosphere and with focus on individuality of every single one of them. Depending on the level of skills individual pupils prove to have, we use a variety of gripping materials in our lessons.

ART ACADEMY teaches foreign languages through stories, fairytales, singing, dancing, drawing and experiencing. It is important for us that our pupils feel positive and enthusiastic. Because we learn easier when something makes us happy and we learn more from a person whom we like. In ART ACADEMY, we learn with our heart. :-)

Key words: English, theatre, dramatization, art, play, youth