Použitie CLIL – nástroja v slovenskom kurikule

Katarína Vilčeková

Univerzita sv. Cyrila a Metoda v Trnave, Slovensko



The aim of the paper is to verify the functionality of the CLIL instrument in the context of the Slovak curriculum. First, the EU requirements on language politics are summarised briefly, as well as the conception of teaching foreign languages in Slovakia. Second, the basic information on the CLIL method are introduced. Along with definitions of the method, its pluses and minuses are defined as well as the posible reasons of its positive influence on foreign language learning. Third, some Instruments which can help teachers with planning and applying the method. Moreover, the attention is paid to the CLIL matrix. To ilustrate the ideas presented in the paper, two model lessons of secondary mathematics and geography are presented and analysed.

Key words: CLIL, curriculum, CLIL matrix, CLIL instrument, foreign languages